Claudelle Deckert

Also have the manufacturers name and date of birth correctly before departure in Germany known have been, because without this woman Deckert would not enters the plane. The producer primarily book the ticket for the flight and probably that is why exudes a flight under a false name because at the check-in desk ticket and identification be checked. It is therefore very likely that the producer or the sender from the beginning knew that Claudelle Deckert says Claudia in truth and she’s not 36 but already 38 years old. However, but it is now presents – while the show is running – great unveiling as “brazen lie”. -Correct personal information on Wikipedia – according to entry at Wikipedia Claudia Deckert was born in Dusseldorf on January 25, 1974 and by professional actress and as such also authorized, to carry a pseudonym. Claudelle’s Claudia so and this is a scandal? She has FIB with age, but others are doing that also in this industry probably also not uncommon.

The correct details have been known the producers – and thus also the contractor still present themselves as unaware and surprised the creators of the show. -Slaughter for the rate – many will watch just to see how Claudia responds, when she finds out how it is represented in the media and it is likely no coincidence have been, that Deckert should called in a jungle testing, where you must specify name and age under stress and time pressure. Not much time to the thinking and already BBs happened. You had hoped or perhaps even calculated that this will happen? How does a person under stress react if he should tell the truth? Claudelle wrote her true age – 38 and the moderators did amazed although it is quite possible that they already knew the truth. Why so played surprise? Was everything just the provocation? To get only in the camp, if one has to hide something? These are the criteria for the selection of the candidates This show? -Scandal as a program – that seems to be the criterion at all. A clean, in which there is to reveal nothing, has little chance to be with. A C celebrity secrets more.

That you can still just and humble with the end of the show as someone once said: “already when you’ll be asked – in the camp to go – you have a problem!”. After 7 seasons of people-eating jungle show, the answer should also clearly be on hand. Bosom friend “Bild” newspaper in any case has confirmed this with flying colors. Under the title: “The jungle camp candidates in lies-check” image on the 22.01 presented a whole list of perceived stumbles in the lives of the candidates, including the age lie by Claudelle Deckert and the list would be a list, had it not been you. One may assume so in good conscience, that she was targeted and invited for this purpose only, to make her – first – loyalty to believe her but then the knife in the back to push and who deserves something already? At Treachery is this show now really can’t be beat. Sean Quentin Dexter for TeleNewsNet RTL jungle camp, Claudelle Deckert, Claudia Deckert, age, lies, exploitation, scandal, demonstration, humiliation. Program photo: Screen shot / Clipfish tvdesk/Leute/Dschungelcamp-Claudelle-Deckert-Alter.




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