Classic Fashion

Eclectic, chameleon, glamorous, feminine and rich in suggestions of high fashion, wearing his time with imagination and distinction. Defining Chic: sophistication, explosive fantasy simple elegance of Paris and New York. Cloth coats tiny lightweight synthetic fabrics and gabardine suits in acceding pure silhouettes in classic fabrics, coordinated with bold floral silk dresses glamorous. Soft colors and warm touches of turquoise and pink shooting powdered for knitwear. Garden Irish: Combinations opulent wool, soft country fabrics, refined details and evergreen, green color palette and classic garments that shine a new light. The twisted and fretwork cardigan, knitted jacquard coat, tweed trousers, skirts flying, leather jackets and even coats sixties, current clothing become the new millennium. Heart breakers: Adopts the rebellious spirit of the seventies: psychedelic combinations of turquoise and purple arabesques, muton vests and jackets, coats embroidered scarves reminiscent of Oriental velvet miniskirts, jeans and sweaters worn brightly colored tiny.

To impress and excite with the same charm are proposed voile skirts are very feminine and vintage lace or duffel checkered cloth, belted at the waist. About a Man: The odd game of fabrics and shapes are evident in this line. The fabrics and silhouettes patterned on the Gentiles male female bodies: blazers that exude sensuality, sexy costumes full of mischief; vicuna fabrics, paintings spikelets Prince of Wales that materialize in pants and skirts or indisputable grace tables. Whites, blacks and grays are interrupted with obvious bright and vivid colors of the sweaters. Snapshot Fashion: The blazer small-small, short-short jacket, tight pants, the feathered light and decorated sweaters. A young line that sums up the Benetton style: categorical colors and carefree, a prevalence of denim and velvet.

Dolls Moon: Night east, jade green lace, taffeta iridescent burgundy red, Chinese blue velvet, silk garden with an air of India and zen master black satin. The shapes are feminine and remember the precious souvenir dolls: bustier jackets, skirts and cardigans inflated tiny tulle overflowing with brilliance. All brought under wraps rigorous and suggestive. More information:.




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