You called a Christian? Christian, do you really? So whether you live as a Christian should live, ie, if you wish fervently and vehemently whether to solicit what wishes and solicits a true Christian? Extremely amiable benefits, which the Lord obeschaetistinnym Christians in the Hereafter. And unspeakably terrible misfortune which plunges us into sin, if we do not want and not covet what should vseuserdno desire and covet vseusilno Christian! What if you do not get the promised benefits and be cast into eternal torment? Already spent a lot of you have time, but did you imagine someday these and similar questions? All the more speculated ever onychite degree? Christian should be the same as bylIisus Christ. This shall philosophize in you, Who in Christ Jesus, "said St. NY museums gathered all the information. Apostle (Phil. 2:5). That is if you what the Lord Jesus Christ? So if you act like he was? His teachings on whether, or the Gospel, which he gave us a rule of life you live? Christian should not love the world (1 Jn.

2:15). But many completely tied to the world, so it seems, and live only for the world: the thought is always how the world comes as the world, and all the rules, which they hold in their lives, are precisely those rules, which keeps the world. Do not like that and you? Such a life – not a Christian and very miserable! The Lord once said in the Old Testament through St. prophet in his own chosen people: judge between me and My grapes.




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