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This dependency is minimized by knowledge of the relevant subject matter and testing to a scalable and efficient process. Silk 2009 contains new features that support faster test runs and simplify their administration even in rapidly changing, agile development environments. “When we have our own development on agile processes, it was not easy to adapt our quality assurance structures. Reason for this cultural aspects was that our team of considers were, but also, our own tools would not sufficiently support the new model “, as Klaus Blaschke, country Manager for Central Europe at Borland. Then we made many changes at our silk solution, to better meet the needs of the enterprises, such companies, which increasingly develop based on agile methods.” Silk test: Each Companies can test and that quickly SilkTest enables developers with Silk4J, Borland’s functional and regression testing solution, carry out tests in Java within an Eclipse environment and automate.

Can also Tester on a record and play “function draw, to completely capture tests in Java. The solution includes new dynamic object recognition – and sync functions that speed up the test procedure. This enables development teams to test functionality in fast repetitive test cycles just because the framework conditions change continuously in agile development projects. The dynamic object recognition eliminates the editing of a test even after changes to the code. Regardless, how often the user interface is modified, the tests will continue to work. SilkTest offers modern Web page synchronization functions, making it unnecessary to define test scripts with waiting times. This allows for automated testing of Dynamic Web applications. Also includes cross-browser support SilkTest: teams are thus in a position to save tests in a browser and run in another. SilkPerformer because exclusive unit testing is not sufficient with the improved load and performance testing capabilities of SilkPerformer can easier to manage company test environments, flexibly allocate test resources and speed up the creation of performance testing and load testing.