Central Berlin


The desire to bring works by fellow artists from different countries together, grew. The idea to run his own gallery, entirely in keeping with the G(ruppe) 11, was born in 2008 and implemented by end 2009. 200 kilometers of the Studio spaces in Leipzig a gallery space on the charming grounds of the old Schultheiss brewery at Landsberger Allee, Richard concern street corner was found and expanded. The location providing 1877 industrial buildings of the former Georg Patzenhofer Brewery (PHB) at Landsberger Allee today after the closure of 1990 many international artists already studios and exhibition space. The creative potential of the place Styx and the Galerie KunstRaum Richard Sorge made to the gallery already. They regularly fill the historical spaces with exhibitions of international artists. With the opening of the G11 Gallery on the 3rd floor has the terrain, the today also considered urban oasis for lovers of fine arts, an attractive tenants to win again. The impressive area of Friedrichshohe is out in about 10 minutes by tram from Central Berlin (Alexanderplatz).

In the summer a beer garden offers in addition. What would like to reach the Gallery? As with many art galleries, art and an examination of the works in the foreground are to come. From different cultures with different backgrounds coming to the founder of the G11Galerie boundaries. Real not only borders but also limits in a figurative sense. The exchange of ideas with other – also art-distant disciplines, for example, architecture, engineering, philosophy, music, literature and science, is stimulated by salons and other events.