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Akura capital management AG was recruited nationwide 300 freelance salespeople Wurzburg in June 2010: the Akura group creates new jobs in the financial sector. Innovative products, solid training and continuing education programs and a performance-related compensation, this is the package with the group the Akura is addressed to financial professionals and qualified career changers. Even the rise in high management positions is possible for success. Cancellation liability, daily boringly selling pressure and often insufficient sales support the situation of many representatives of banks and insurance companies is nowadays more than questionable. Damage affects many Vertriebszustandige to be able to sell the products of barely conscience entrusted to them. This applies in particular for the increasingly weaker interest capital life insurance, but also for “Riester”, and Rurup products is increasingly questioned their suitability as the age for retirement.

The Akura group has with its new product and sales concepts an alternative to the existing practice: the placement of high-yielding retail property plans Akura III and Akura IV is remunerated with attractive, especially cancellation free commissions, will be paid fortnightly. Add: entry fees or ongoing administrative costs, which elsewhere is the slashing of the monthly earnings, at the Akura group not imposed. Akura compensation system so creates an economic security that can offer only a few companies in the financial sector for freelance salespeople. In addition, retains its independent position of employees in all activities, makes the appointment with the customer himself and freely decide his schedule. The Akura group accompanied the intermediary activity with back office services and accepts the invoicing of orders. The entry into the distribution of Akura asset plans Akura III and Akura IV is mainly a multistructured qualification procedures and a part-time basis possible. First is the online-career-check, then the Akura invites suitable applicants for a personal interview at the Akura headquarters group to Wurzburg. After creation of individual career plans and completion of a preparatory working meeting the immediate recording of intermediary activities for the two new asset plans of the Akura is possible.




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