Basic Mother


So, what to study them just left! Not yet very shocked, but already starting to worry? Right! After all, I have not said to fight than that But let us not hurry. Let us remember with what joy, what happiness a child asks the questions: Why? Why? How? And what’s this? Sets, but for the time being! Until that time on until he must begin to learn what it is not interesting. And then we need a place for theoretical insertion. Requirements – the driving force behind human behavior. All that a man does, he does to meet its needs.

Most requirements are natural, natural character. However, from an early age (actually months), adults are beginning to shape a child’s sense of guilt, which is based on an instinctive love for his mother and dad. The basic idea of guilt is – “you upset my mother, my mother would be bad.” With time to do my mother, and all adults, “good” is an artificial demand. Often (almost always) natural and artificial requirements are in conflict, in the confrontation. Accordingly, any child’s behavior can be two motives (motive is the need, which can be implemented by, some object, event or force) – a natural need to explore the world as interesting. Or an artificial need “not to offend my mother, which makes studying the world as she sees fit. Here we get an amazing picture! Child, Instead of learning a joy (as a store for us by nature), learning to be a burden – as a store for his parents, carers and teachers.