Arthur Toscanini


It contributes tambin to us that The one that demanded perfection to itself and to its turned it musicians into " teacher assoluto" , celebrated, admired and venerated in all the scenes of the world, from New York to Milan. Some remember plus their attacks of fury that its music. When Arthur Toscanini got upset, it did in serious: Once the Italian squashed with his foot a pocket clock. Again, he kicked the lectern. And the destroyed baton almost became its sign of identity. Those knew that it usually use words like " dictador" or " hunger of poder" when they talk about the activities of Toscanini.

One says, that or outside Beethoven or Verdi, only was a thing: fidelity to the work. It wanted to make justice with the score nothing else and. And it rejected the interpretations or differentiations categorically. The cult to the figure of the director disgusted to him. The critics described their position as " slavery of partitura". When in an occasion it directed powerful the first movement of " Eroica" of Beethoven, the slight son of tailor commented: " Some say that it is Napoleon, the other Hitlers, another Mussolini. For me it is simply Allegro with brio".

A poisonous critic of the director, Theodor philosopher W. Adornment, considered this music born from the meticulous fidelity to the work " product acabado" , and to Toscanini, " teacher of capilla" or " marker of comps". The 16 of January of 1957, Arthur Toscanini died in New York with almost ninety years. In spite of the hard rivalries with some of his colleagues and some bitter critic, surely he was the most famous director of centuries XIX and XX. Original author and source of the article.