American States

This contributes for desburocratizao of the Modern State providing a bigger fiscalization of the public thing through accountability frequently carried through by the proper organized civil Society. Each American citizen is fiscalized by its next one and vice versa. He is this that makes possible the functioning most adequate of the democratic State of Right in U.S.A. With effect, he practically did not have aspects of the life politics of the United States of America that have not been analyzed for Tocqueville. For example, when interpreting the judiciary power takes it with two institutions: one of judiciary character and another one as institution politics.

The magistrates, although to compose an aristocratic classroom that if detaches in the American society they are also controlled for the sovereign will of the majority of the people and they do not withhold to be able untouchable, being able to be submitted it repeats frequently it elections for representatives of the popular chambers. This fact, also, worried Tocqueville as a possible posterior weakness of the North American democratic Republic. It is considered workmanship of Tocqueville: The Democracy in America, as one of most discerning understanding itself, today, questions as the law of the common one (customs); the americanismo; the American patriotism; the decisions politics decided in the Courts, as the case of Bush and Gore; the autonomies of American States e, over all the fiscalization that the American people has between itself. I imagine how much this thinker was fascinated with the individual freedoms that he saw in the American people and as France was perplexo when coming back, ahead of the democratic process that if the violence dragged in way and difficulties that the French aristocracy imposed defending its overwhelmd interests of the people, arraigados in practical old. However, exactly considering as avanadssimo the democratic process in U.S.A., Tocqueville considered the question of the slavery in U.S.A.




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