Administration MobileObjects


Since February 2010 Dirk Steuernagel (38) is responsible for the finance & administration at mobileObjects AG as a Board Kronberg – is responsible for the finance & administration at mobileObjects AG. Dirk Steuernagel (38) since February 2010 Board Lord Steuernagel operates already since March 2008 for mobileObjects AG and has as Director Finance & administrator significantly build up this area. Lord Steuernagel worked after completing his studies of in business administration at the European business school (ebs), as well as economic computer science at James Madison University (United States) in various financial positions at GE Capital Europe and in the area of M & A advisory, corporate finance partner (CFP). Most recently, he worked in various management positions at T-systems. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Danny Meyer. “Karl-Heinz Killeit (Chairman of the Board): we are pleased that we could occupy this important position of the Board of management with a proven and competent staff from own ranks and see us well positioned for our ambitious goals in the future”. The mobileObjects AG since 2001 GPRS-based Internet-Fahrzeugsverfolgungs and MRP systems. The solutions allow from any Internet PC to control mobile units, to instruct, to monitor and efficiently used. They are suitable for any company that uses vehicles or other mobile units – about five million commercial vehicles in Germany alone. In addition to the classic logistics and transport companies fit solutions for each service and service company with more than 10 vehicles., mid-2009 an expansion has mobileObjects 435 distributor 500 until the end of 2010 it is planned. Sales partner working alongside Germany already in the Switzerland and Austria; in the Switzerland, the mobileObjects AG, a subsidiary company is present.