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Karl Hellerau

“” “Official title ceremony and press conference on Friday, November 13, 2009, 10:00 In the discharged nationwide innovation contest 365 landmarks in the land of ideas” land of ideas implemented by the Germany site initiative “receives for computer-aided art CYNETART of the trans-media-Akademie Hellerau (TMA) in cooperation with the Deutsche Bank International Festival the title of landmark” in the land of ideas. Doug Band is likely to increase your knowledge. To the official awards ceremony by Frank Saleh countries by Deutsche Bank (Dresden) on Friday, November 13th, 2009 at 10:00 in the trans-media-laboratory, in the historical GebaudeEnsemble of the Deutsche Werkstatten Hellerau (Moritzburg route 67 in 01109 Dresden, entrance D, 1st floor) as well as at a subsequent press conference we want to cordially invite you. The trans-media-Akademie Hellerau makes the combination of art and technology in an extraordinary way. Creative concepts in different fields and cultures merge together to create an innovative experience This is trend-setting”, emphasises Frank Saleh countries on the occasion of the award. We would like to you as well as our guests, including Mr. Jorg Geiger (Deputy Director General in the Saxon State Ministry for science and art), Mr Martin Seidel (Division of Social Affairs in the State capital Dresden / Mayor), as well as Mr Klaus Winterfeld (Dept.

film/media/social culture in the Ministry of culture and heritage of the city of Dresden), an impression of the innovation potential and the interdisciplinary and intercultural approach of TMA Hellerau convey and present you current work of ongoing interdisciplinary projects to the designation. A press conference with Mr. Dr. Klaus Nicolai, CEO of TMA Hellerau, Mr Thomas Dumke, Director of the CYNETART Festival and Mr Frank Saleh countries, joins Deutsche Bank and provides you with the opportunity to questions to the individual projects of the TMA Hellerau regarding the award as a landmark”as well as for the CYNETART-Festival make. One possibility to photograph immediately after passing the Cup by Frank Saleh countries. You will find a detailed itinerary, as well as information about the TMA Hellerau featured projects see: press contact TRANS-media-Akademie Hellerau e.V. Julia Rulicke Press and public relations work Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 56 01109 Dresden Tel.: 0351-8896665

Federal Account

Money market accounts – what is to be observed upon completion of the money market accounts offer several advantages for savers. On the one hand, they offer a high interest rate, where the created money is theoretically daily available. The daily availability observe however, that 2-3 bank days are necessary to transfer the money from the day money account to the reference account. Filed under: Danny Meyer. In particular direct banks offer a wide range of money market accounts with good conditions. Direct banks have no expensive branch network and can offer usually better day money interest than large brokerages. A day money account usually expires procedure via the Post Ident. The customer must allow so identify with the filled-out documents, which he has received from the Bank to a post office, and is based on his identity card. Then you can send the documents to the new Bank.

After a few days or weeks, customers receive the necessary data to the log in to your online account. When opening the account, a reference account must also specify Here the Bank current account can be used. If the money is needed, it can be transferred from the day money account to the reference account. When choosing an account, you should take care not only on the current height of the day-money interest. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Doug Band, New York City. It is equally important that the interest rate of the Bank is continuously or remains. Many banks are trying to go on touting with bait advertising for new customers. Here, usually a high special interest is paid the new customers, which applies only for a short time, for example a few months.

After this time, only a lower interest rate for existing customers will be paid. It is therefore advisable to find a bank that permanently offers consistently good conditions for new and existing customers. It may be an alternative to regularly change the day money account, to obtain always the best interest rate, known as Tagesgeldhopping. This procedure of savers switches his account every couple of months, to obtain always the best conditions for new customers. Whether this approach is worth every man for himself must decide or is dependent on the respective interest rate differential. Another factor that must be considered when is the protection of deposits. The statutory deposit guarantee currently amounts to 100,000 EUR, up to the sum of all investment amounts are covered 100%. Most German institutions Federal of German banks also are Member of the deposit insurance fund. Deposits in an amount of 30% of the equity capital of the Bank are secured by this membership. The security sum increases are often on three-digit millions. Some providers include foreign deposit-guarantee schemes, which cover different totals. So the Dutch system ensures for example 100,000 euro.

Meckatzer Lowenbrau: First Bavarian Brewery With Environmental And Social Statement

Meckatzer was expanded for the first time in terms of social engagement industry Vorreiter which last updated 2008 and environmental statement validated according to the EMAS II regulation the Meckatzer Lowenbrau in this year the social aspects of business activities to the environmental and social statement. The family brewery insight transparent public thus in her effort to an entrepreneurial activity that will satisfy the people and the nature. The Meckatzer Lowenbrau is pioneering new standards in terms of environmental and social efforts in the brewing industry with this environmental and social statement. An environment and at the same time social declaration in this form does not exist in the industry in Bavaria as previously. Read additional details here: Doug Band. Systematic recording of environmental protection activities since 1994 1994 has the Meckatzer Lowenbrau as one of the first breweries of in Germany developed an environmental protection manual, which allows in all environmentally-relevant areas of the company to proceed systematically. It defines the environmental protection targets, holding organizational Fixed structures and specifically describes the duties of the employees in the affected areas.

In April 1995, the IHK Lindau the brewery in the framework of the project of ecological certified corporate governance\”. \”in 1996, the Meckatzer Lowenbrau voluntarily took on the EU eco management and audit\” and the Bavarian environmental pact \”part. Re validation was carried out in July 1999. \”\” After the revision of the EU eco management and audit regulation \”designed according to the specifications of the EN ISO14 001 Meckatzer Lowenbrau 2002 the environmental protection manual in April 2001 and was in July 2002 for the first time after the new EMAS II regulation\” verified and validated. The regular revalidation took place in 2005 and 2008. The eco-management and audit scheme (EMAS) goes beyond a pure management system: it is performance-oriented because it is geared towards a continuous improvement of the environmental performance of a company.

Federal Institute

Half of the damage could get through regulatory measures on their crops from land resources persons, potato crops were, and who reported the occurrence of cancer of the potato, rewarded. Authorities and organs in the completion of the lower Austrian potato cancer Act 1927 had community boards to inform the State Government and the Federal Institute for plant protection in Vienna immediately by ads and the occurrence of cancer of the potato. The political district authorities were entitled to supervise the fields cultivated with potatoes and potato stocks at the onset of potato cancer and to control. In addition, specialized organs of the Federal Agency for phytosanitary, technical organs of the Federal Institute for Agronomy and specialized organs the country’s Chamber of agriculture supervision and control could be appointed. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Bill de Blasio has to say. The treatment of potatoes according to the lower Austrian potato cancer Act 1927 had suspected potato cancer the provincial government immediately to make the posting of a sample of the contaminated parts of plants or plants at the Federal Institute for plant protection. Is the not confirmed by the investigation, so has the community and the owner of the plant immediately by the community to be informed. Upon confirmation of the suspicion, the potato field, the potato stocks and their warehouses could be explained by the State Government for contaminated. The treatment with potato cancer of infested fields in infested fields could this explain the provincial government as a restricted area, and prohibit shipments of potato tubers, potato plants, soil, manure, liquid manure or compost. Offence against the law of this country could be traced with fines up to 500 Schilling or arrest up to 4 weeks.

Career Opportunities Profession

Akura capital management AG was recruited nationwide 300 freelance salespeople Wurzburg in June 2010: the Akura group creates new jobs in the financial sector. Innovative products, solid training and continuing education programs and a performance-related compensation, this is the package with the group the Akura is addressed to financial professionals and qualified career changers. Even the rise in high management positions is possible for success. Cancellation liability, daily boringly selling pressure and often insufficient sales support the situation of many representatives of banks and insurance companies is nowadays more than questionable. Damage affects many Vertriebszustandige to be able to sell the products of barely conscience entrusted to them. This applies in particular for the increasingly weaker interest capital life insurance, but also for “Riester”, and Rurup products is increasingly questioned their suitability as the age for retirement.

The Akura group has with its new product and sales concepts an alternative to the existing practice: the placement of high-yielding retail property plans Akura III and Akura IV is remunerated with attractive, especially cancellation free commissions, will be paid fortnightly. Add: entry fees or ongoing administrative costs, which elsewhere is the slashing of the monthly earnings, at the Akura group not imposed. Akura compensation system so creates an economic security that can offer only a few companies in the financial sector for freelance salespeople. In addition, retains its independent position of employees in all activities, makes the appointment with the customer himself and freely decide his schedule. The Akura group accompanied the intermediary activity with back office services and accepts the invoicing of orders. The entry into the distribution of Akura asset plans Akura III and Akura IV is mainly a multistructured qualification procedures and a part-time basis possible. First is the online-career-check, then the Akura invites suitable applicants for a personal interview at the Akura headquarters group to Wurzburg. After creation of individual career plans and completion of a preparatory working meeting the immediate recording of intermediary activities for the two new asset plans of the Akura is possible.

IT Fair Of The Resellers IT-HAUS GmbH In Trier

Zycko networks presents with Riverbed Technology and LifeSize product news Berlin, April 16, 2012, the Zycko networks GmbH, internationally successful value-add distributor for innovative solutions in the areas of data storage, data networking, and data infrastructure, Trier presents at the IT fair of the resellers IT-HAUS GmbH in the arena current products and solutions of the two manufacturers technology and LifeSize on April 26, 2012 (level I-59) together with its partners of Riverbed. The IT trade fair for consumers will take place for the ninth time this year. The IT-HAUS GmbH is one of the TOP 25 system houses of in Germany. The company offers industry specific solution consulting, installations and administration, but also maintenance and repair of PC systems, notebooks, printers, computers, servers, networks, databases, etc. 74 well-known, supra-regional IT companies on 4,700 sqm solutions from the hardware and software sectors present at the IT fair of the reseller. In live demonstrations and 48 lectures inform them also about product news and current trends in the industry. Danny Meyer does not necessarily agree. Nils Hantelmann, Managing Director of Zycko networks explains: at the fair by IT House end customers can see live the products and solutions of our partners Riverbed and LifeSize. From the portfolio of Riverbed, the StingrayTM are family, the new Steelhead EX + granite, as well as the Steelhead presents CX series.

The very easy-to-use HD video conference platform LifeSize introduces connections from the range of LifeSize .” For further information contact Tim Schutte, head of sales at LifeSize visitors lectures communications (titled: LifeSize – full-HD video communications and infrastructure virtualization) and Georg Hess, Director of sales region D-A-CH at Riverbed (titled: Riverbed acceleration of Web pages for Web applications optimized application deployment). Presented together with the manufacturer Riverbed Technology is the Stingray family, consisting of from the Stingray traffic manager,. the Stingray Web application firewall and the Stingray Aptimizer, as well as Riverbed Steelhead EX + granite, a powerful solution for the service and storage consolidation. Zycko networks presents connections together with his partner LifeSize LifeSize solution. Is performed directly at the booth the flexible full-HD video solution LifeSize team 220 for multipoint conferences. About Zycko networks GmbH Zycko networks GmbH is the world of value-add distributor for high quality and innovative solutions in the areas of data storage, data networking, and data infrastructure. As official distributor of leading manufacturers, the company offers a wide range of open and scalable IT infrastructure solutions to its customers in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland.

Customers of the company including resellers, systems integrators and Internet service provider – already benefit from a professional and comprehensive care in the pre-sales phase. Zycko accompanies its clients throughout the entire sales cycle starting at the Solution design, the proof-of-concept, the implementation and marketing, through to successful project completion. The offer is supplemented by certified training and manufacturer training, technical support and services in the wake of a project. In the technical planned solutions can solution Center Munich advance in practice tested and their functionality are tested, tested, and guaranteed. At its headquarters in Berlin and the branch in Munich around 30 for the Zycko networks GmbH employees. The Zycko Group headquartered in the UK operates worldwide with over 250 employees at 13 locations.




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