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Stress Basic Concepts

Stress is a process by which we respond to circumstances that require energy. It can sometimes be comparable to motivation, it makes us be more effective and decisive, but popularly referred to stress activation unproductive, harmful, wear the organism. The stimuli that trigger this process are called stressors, and may be anything from working too many hours, not work at all, boredom, physical pain, death of someone, to break even, the absence of life goals, etc. This triggers a potentially negative emotional reaction that results in symptoms. The most common symptoms of stress include palpitations, tachycardia, discomfort and gastric disorders, headaches, muscle spasms, dizziness, fatigue, poor concentration and sleep, irritability, apathy, sexual dysfunction and menstrual disturbances, sadness, anhedonia, obsessiveness, rigidity of character, inability to make decisions and concentrate, forgetfulness, hypersensitivity to criticism and mental blocks. Also prone to accidents, drug abuse, overeating and / or lack of appetite, drinking and smoking excessively, impulsive behavior, and so on. These symptoms can have an impact on work, such as absenteeism, troubled relationships, poor productivity, dissatisfaction with the work …

It is estimated that stress is the 2nd cause of sick leave (with multiple diagnoses). Instead of looking withstand more stress to the limit because, supposedly giving up more, which we must seek to reduce the level of stress to fit our breakeven point: the optimal performance is the maximum, but when activation is moderate. But in between there is a single factor of perception, the filter with which we serve and we see what happens: the original stressor, the meaning we give our emotional reaction, if we are more or less able to handle it, our subsequent behavior, etc.

Biomedical Problems

In the north France have been heavy snowfall. Snow cyclone has not spared any of the Western European countries and reached the green island. In Ireland, on the roads – drifts, drifts, sleet and many kilometers of traffic jams. New techniques calculation of environmental damage. See more detailed opinions by reading what Bill de Blasio offers on the topic.. Garbage in garbage. World Day of the wetlands. PHOTO. How to protect yourself from the cold? Unnecessary stuff sells on the Internet.

‘Ekoterroristku’ sentenced to 22 godam.Zasypalo snow and Iberian poluostrovNovye methodology for calculating environmental damage. Garbage in garbage. World Day of the wetlands. PHOTO. How to protect yourself from the cold? Unnecessary stuff sells on the Internet.

‘Ekoterroristku’ sentenced to 22 years .. Residents of Spain are advised not to drive because the roads a mess. In urban services has no strength, no time trying to cope with the effects of snowfall. Snow fell even at the resorts – and the Canary Balearic Islands. About how a few hours to England and France filled up with snow, look at our new methodology for calculating environmental damage. Garbage in garbage. World Day of the wetlands. PHOTO. As protect themselves from frost? Unnecessary stuff sells on the Internet. ‘Ekoterroristku’ sentenced to 22 godam.Fotofakte: Europe filled up snegomNovye methodology for calculating environmental damage. Garbage in garbage. World Day wetlands. PHOTO. How to protect yourself from the cold? Unnecessary stuff sells on the Internet. ‘Ekoterroristku’ sentenced to 22 years .. Russian scientists began to experiment to study the long-term effects of radiation on living organism at the Institute of Biomedical Problems, RAS new methodology for calculating environmental damage.

TOP Warming

Air Europe became cleaner and led to a warming of the continent According Netherlands Meteorological Heerta Jan van Oldenborha, the air in Europe the past 30 years has become cleaner due to a decline in recent decades, the concentration of particles of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. Because of this improvement of the ecological situation in Europe have decreased the number of fog and smog in urban areas Europe. So, for example, found that since 1980 the number of smog days in European cities was reduced by half. But French scientists accuse become cleaner air in Europe as a sharp warming of the European climate. Sharp warming, in their opinion, cause a decline in recent decades, air pollution, but the rate of air purification are reduced, and growth temperatures in Europe will soon slow down. Typically, warming of our planet associated primarily with an increase in greenhouse gases associated with human activity, but French scientists have shown that emission reductions can also lead to warming.

They note that struggle to reduce industrial emissions, which started in 1980 has increased the transparency of the air. This facilitated the access of solar radiation to the surface of the Earth, its more intense heat, which led to an increase average annual temperatures. For the production of 'Coca Cola' use of dried insects, the Company 'Coca-Cola' had to uncover the secret of his famous drink. It turns out, popular among people of different ages soda Coca-Cola colored food dye made from insects. The composition of the extract for the preparation of the Coca-Cola, in addition to some exotic vegetable oils, is a natural dye carmine, which is derived from dried insect cells called 'cochineal' or 'scale insects. " The area of its distribution includes Armenia, Azerbaijan and Poland, but the most prolific and valuable scale insects took a fancy Mexican cacti.

Allegedly scientists, carmine is completely harmless and is widely used for textile dyeing and in the food industry for over 100 years. Carmine tint not only soda, but also a variety of pastries, some dairy products. The only thing that has drawn criticism from 'green' – is that to produce 1 gram of carmine have to destroy a huge number of insects. Photofact: TOP-24 most unusual terrestrial creatures fauna of our planet quite rich and varied. To learn how to look like some animals, we know from early childhood. But amidst all the diversity of wildlife are sometimes found rather interesting specimen, which we never had any see. Sometimes not always possible to believe in the existence of our planet is so unusual animals. Madagascan , fish-drop , axolotl, and many other amazing creatures caught in the rating Earth's most unusual creatures. offer you the Pictures of the most unusual wildlife species of the Earth:. To view the complete version of the article and discuss it can be found here:

Television In The Daily Life Of Brazil

In Brazil there is a device that can be seen in all the houses without discrimination of race or social class, this device is television. Since starting the use of television in the fifties, the programs have become popular to be a necessity for the Brazilian community. For people under the TV class is a representation of an imaginary national community. The lower class communities in Brazil, suffer from the violence of a drug war and power. It is this daily life that they want to forget the poor masses with novels and other imaginary representations.

Television also gives a relationship between social classes, generations, religions and sexual orientation, because the programs do not discriminate between groups. The information transmitted is also available to all without distinction of social class, or geographic region. The television and soap operas in particular are representative of a new public space in the hands of various institutions instead of the monopoly of intellectuals and politicians who were in control above. The novels spread throughout the country, which is fashionable and modern in the way of electronics, clothing and more, you can say in this connection that television creates popular culture for the country. The music of these novels also convey a sense of what is contemporary. The characters in these programs rated by the public are a metaphor for the expression of desired traits or rejected by society. The telenovela is a normal society that is richer and whiter than Brazilian society today. The ideal in these programs is to be upper middle class, urban, and modern and the public is glorifying these representations forged.

Likelihood Temperature

Naturally temperature maintenance during this time should be higher: approximately 20 degrees. Check out Bill de Blasio for additional information. In the urban apartment these conditions can be achieved by placing the plants in glazed and insulated balcony. If it does not exist, the plants are placed on the window sill closer to the window frame (where cooler). It is desirable to insulate plants from the warm room air baffle (Plexiglas or plastic film). Providing plants a cool winter, summer, you'll get plenty of blooms your plants provided that they have reached the appropriate age. With the coming of spring, the number of sunny days, the temperature rises, and the plants wake up – during the growing season begins.

During this period there risk of sunburn plants. Therefore, at this time is desirable plants pritenyat from sunlight by using tracing paper, gauze, tulle or strips of paper. Period of adaptation of plants for the spring sun, and accordingly the need for shading is usually 3 weeks. If plants are wintered in gazebo or a bright and sunny window, and during the winter sunlight received, then such plants usually do not require shading. Watering plants is desirable to begin when the plant had awakened and started to rise. This is evident in how the plant crown (growing point) turned green, and there was an increase of young spines on top of a cactus. In this case, you can start watering, when the night temperature in the place of collection will not fall below 15 degrees for several days. The first watering should be carried out in the morning that during the day most of the moisture absorbed plant, and surplus partially evaporated, and the nights when the temperature drops, the soil will be minimal amount of moisture that will reduce the likelihood of root rot.

Las Delicias Symbol

*** Indelible mark of the time Gomez, and homage to livestock development and not as you can think of bullfighting-driven general, the statue is of a pile of treasure, accessible to locals and tourists but the digging is necessary. Urban Legends and road signs are interwoven in a delicate veil on true stories, imagination and creativity banandolas Creole. Bill de Blasio may also support this cause. Discovering El Toro de Las Delicias. They have the old folks, and in this case, Mrs. Eleuteria Gotto de Sequera, "La Negra" for their family, born 78 years ago Choroni and resident of Maracay in 1938, which then were pastures Las Delicias, a place to call Calicanto Circus and of course, the Zoo, whose entrance was marked by the monumental bronze animal.

As a child he recalls being told countless times that it was full of gold morocotos, but also of dynamite, so he could never move. Many more stories are told from secret tunnels that lead to different inter Garden Hotel units to have been a clue to find the Treasure of Tarazona, a secret that allegedly led to the grave a trust known military personnel Worthy, nicknamed El Indio and mystique which he would complete the popular belief that he slept at the door crossover the bedroom of his boss, have no known family, his lifelong mental alertness and especially, to gain access to the intimacy of the Andean boss. This led to ruthless gold-digger to dig in the grounds of the Zoo, to no avail. yTaurino or bovine? Its origin was also subject to popular belief for many years, says Alberto Rodriguez Avendano, a pioneer in raising fighting bulls, large livestock subject matter expert, member and former director of the Dairy Industry Chamber of Venezuela.

Two Greek Warriors

Two Greek warriors in single combat. Behind them are cars of war. Fragment of a black figure cratera attica, Selinunte, a sixth century C. (a contemporary reforms Clistenes). The military equipment for the melee (helmet, spear) is similar to that used the hoplitas, but they are fighting together in phalanges, and the shield is designed to protect both the row as a companion who wears it.
In Ancient Greece, the demos (translatable people) was the subject of sovereignty if the polis (city-state) was democratic (or Greek Athenian democracy). In the political expression of that demonstration was not involved in most of the population, neither children nor women, foreigners (metecos) and slaves (part of the work force in the slave mode of production). The demonstration was excluded from the political decisions in the poleis aristocraticas governed by aristoi (translated by the best), ie, families and economically more powerful military, which, when few (oligo) formed an oligarchy (poleis oligarchic). Credit: Danny Meyer-2011. The same configuration of the Army expressed this fact: individual fight (described in the Iliad) champions can afford expensive weapons (tanks of war) or struggle (phalanx composed of hoplitas). Access to the government had demonstrated on many occasions as a rising power that is illegitimate rulers legitimized by the popular support: the tyrants.
Much of the relexiones of legislators (Licurgo, Solon, Clistenes) and the Greek philosophers (Socrates, Plato, The Republic, Aristotle Politics, Constitution of the Athenians, Xenophon-lacedemonios of the Constitution, the Republic of the Athenians , which was given, although it is a work of Pseudo-Xenophon) was on the meaning and role of the demos and other social bodies or should have had in the polis, or political community.
Senatvs Popvlvsqve Romanvs, the Senate and the Roman People.
In ancient Rome, under the acronym SPQR, identified the two bodies social and political constituents of the Roman Republic: the Senatus (translatable Senate) and Populus (translatable people lease Populus not to be confused with Populus, Latin name of the kind of tree whose name is alamo or poplar). Although both the definition is complex and Populus is not a synonym for strict Plebs (rabble), translating them into the institutions would partner with the concepts of patricians and plebeians, the first all aristocraticas people claiming descent from the heroic and even divine ancestors (which is linked to the myths of the Trojan War through the Aeneid), and theoretically the second born of the earth. Conflicts between patricians and plebeians, political and social reforms (such as reforms of Grace), wars and civil wars Republican social and then the imposition of the principality of Augustus and the Roman Empire High, was radically transformed from the opposition, that dominated the time of (Lower Roman Empire) had been replaced by the opposition between honestiores and humiliores.
The Middle Ages Western Europe began with the fact decisive barbarian invasions that led to the forced cohabitation of peoples of many languages, ethnicity, religion and rights sharply differentiated. Politically and socially in large areas (especially in Spain and Gaul) occurred overlap germanica leader of a minority on the majority of the population (Spanish-Roman or Gallo-Roman) in the realms Germanic tribes. This fact, coupled with theoretical concepts derived from the primitive Christianity and patristica (primarily political Augustinism) was formed triestamental theory that responded to the estate’s own feudal society in which people were often equivalent to ordinary people, one of expressions with which it designated the third state, comprised mainly of farmers under the bondage of Noble, along with a small and marginalurban bourgeoisie little differentiated by wealth, but sometimes protagonizo revolts that are considered above the bourgeois revolutions (for example, in the Italian cities are talking about roughly popolo popolo minutes-and people-fat and thin).
Death of Wat Tyler, who ended the 1381 popular revolt English. The illustration is also King Edward II of England.
That situation changed decisively with the crisis of the fourteenth century, which opened the way to the social and political dynamics of the Old Regime and the Modern Age. Faced with the feudal monarchy with little power itself, which was nothing more than the top of the pyramid of vassalage, the concentration of power in the hands of the king and the increasingly clear separation between the king and kingdom to define authoritarian monarchies, in some cases failed to overcome a limiting pactismo and others came to be defined as absolute monarchies, theoretically free of any legal bond was required to respect territorial circumstances or class status, so the king as low as all the subjects. 6 The enlightened despotism of the eighteenth century mark the king’s paternalism toward the people as lapidary as a slogan was:
Everything for the people, but not the people.
The people of Madrid, whose popular types were the Manolos and retrataria Goya Majas that the customs of their entertainment and the tragedy of his historic role during the uprising of the Dos de Mayo 1808, had already risen in 1766, but in This occasion is not against invading French, but the action against the Marquis of Esquilache illustrated in a crisis situation keeps (Esquilache mutiny).

New York Times
Fox News
Two new tombs found last month in Saqqara, shows that large necropolis extends far below the ground.
Vietnam Net
VietNamNet Bridge – A small five years ago, construction workers stumbled on an archaeological treasure, the ancient citadel of Thang Long (Ascending Dragon). The site is now open to the public.
New Delhi
Washington, December 24: A team of archaeologists in Israel has claimed to have unearthed more than 250 gold coins from the seventh century (the Byzantine period) to the edge of the walled old city of Jerusalem.

Potato Carnival

Vegetables – the people are friendly and sociable. Due to the size of the universal cap can be worn, and young children, and school-age kids, and adults themselves. Beanie cabbage need seven and all without buckles! Pulled the original playful turban in the form cabbage – and now participates in a children's masquerade new hero. Carnival hat uncomplicated, yet elegant. Immediately – as soon as put on – the whole soul is poured a light, sparkling anticipation of the holiday. If a child a simple sweater and pants – just different colors sparkle with this Form: a real, solid Costume! Buy, of course, possible and complete the royal collection, but then where imagination roam? Children are the biggest fans of minimalism, when and can, without fear that oborvesh edge fringe, lace hooked the handle of the chair. For mobile children's holiday masquerade hat – the best choice. Size caps universal: for children kindergarten age and school children, adolescents and adults.

Beanie Potato Carnival hat 'Potato' – warm colors of the native, stylish and neat – gracefully complement children's costumes. Actually, enough for it to be one – other clothing can be without the frills. Know how it happens: it is necessary to appear in the room, even a little New Year tree, and already the whole apartment is a fantastic space activities; wear elaborate hat – and you fairy. And what fun games, performances and competitions You can start a children dressed up in a garden! Here potatoes – she lives in the ground, she befriends dwarfs and is found with moles, and she remembers where the gardener had buried the treasure, hear the rustle of the growing roots and moves all the creatures of the earth for a hundred miles around. She herself – and the magician, and a car porter.

Qazvin Was The

Qazvin was the capital of the ancient Archaeological findings in the Qazvin plain reveal the existence of urban agricultural settlements that date back to 7000 a. C. The name “Qazvin” or “Kasbin” is derived from Cas, an ancient tribe that lived south of the Caspian Sea for millennia. Qazvin is also historically written as Kazvin, Kasvin and Casbin in Western texts. The very fact of the Caspian Sea is named as arising from the same source. Qazvin geographically conexta Teheran, Isfahan and the Persian Gulf to the coast of the Caspian and Asia Minor, hence its strategic location along the centuries.
Qazvin was the location where historical events arose in the Iranian history. In the early years of the Islamic era, Qazvin served as the basis of the Arab forces. Destroyed by Genghis Khan (thirteenth century), the Safavid monarchs made Qazvin the capital of his empire in 1548 to move to Isfahan in 1598. During Kayar Dynasty and contemporary period, Qazvin has always been one of the most important governmental centers due to its proximity to Tehran.
Bombed and occupied by Russian forces in both World Wars, Qazvin is also where he launched the famous coup that determined the rise of the first Pahlavi dynasty in 1921. Qazvin is also near Alamut, where it operated from Hasan-i Sabbah, founder of the secret Ismaili order of Murderers.

Deutsche Welle
demonstrators are using the popular micro-blogging site Twitter to an end run around the foreign press blackout in Iran, and get help from the USA. Heres a look at what theyre saying.
Middle East Online
City of migrants divided over Ahmadinejad as wives of Mousavi, Karroubi campaign for their spouses.
Tehran, May 25 (MNA) – Mahdokht Moin said that District 14 of Tehran has not fulfilled its promise to the residence of the Persian literature scholar Moin in a museum.
Payvand Iran News
Mehdi Karroubi, nicknamed “The Sheik of reform” campaign in the northern Mazandaran province on Monday. Karroubi is the only presidential campaign that a modern establishment, his own party, ETEMAD Melli, its own newspaper and a team of senior advisers ranging from reformist and moderate parties. -Photo ‘s Mehdi Ghasemi, ISNA


Try Urban Decay Potion

First Try Urban Decay Potion. Apply everywhere you apply eye makeup. After becoming increasingly difficult to reach the eye shadow and liner will stay for you. Sounds nice, right? Now is the time line of his magnificent jewels. Eyeliner is good to start with what not to mess with your mascara.

Some of you do not like eyeliner, so you can skip this step. In any case, you must first decide what formula to use eyeliner: liquid or pencil. (A valuable related resource: NY Museums). Both have their advantages. Liquids are usually long Masd duration, non-staining, and provide a clear line, defined. More info: Bill de Blasio. The fact that you have to “paint” with it and wait for it to dry can make it difficult, however. Pencils give a smoky, sensual quality and can be applied more easily and more accurately.

However, they tend to blur. Starting at the inner corner of eye, slowly apply a thin line along your lash line. If you are using liquid milk, fan it dry, then open and see how you like. Too thin? Try again, this time a little thicker. Too thick? Dab a Q-tip with water or eye makeup remover, and stroke thickness outside until you are satisfied with the result. It is also a good idea to make your eyeliner thicker toward the outer corners of eyes to look bigger. If desired, repeat the process on the bottom lash line, or just above it on the edge of your eye (this may be difficult for beginners.) Open your eyes to the wonders of the eye shadow! Yes, this sounds corny, but with the shadow of the practice of the eye is truly amazing.




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