Monthly Archives: August 2016

Argentine President Nestor Kirchner

Significant was also the decision of Mercosur and Venezuela, in the process of full accession to the block, absorbing exports that Bolivia will send to the United States before the decision by Washington to suspend preferences granted to the Andean country for their efforts in the fight against drug trafficking. It is highlighted once more […]

Central Europe

At that time, the sky was the limit and nothing else. The acceptance of the Internet offers was very high at that time, especially in America and Scandinavia. Central Europe was there much more restrained. That certainly lies in the cultural identity of the individual countries is today but by far not as pronounced as […]

Hole-in-one WINS 80.000Euro – Pays The PROMOTION Screen.

Golf competitions in the context or environment of tournaments are very popular. Whether it comes to achieve a hole-in-one (Golf HIO) or a putting contest like combo-putt or single-putt is announced: participants popularity and media coverage reflect the attractiveness of selected profit. A golf bag as a profit achieved by their nature far less attention […]

IClear Shop Usability Award Supports

Mannheim include usability and quality. iClear, provider of high-quality, fiduciary services to pay on the Internet, is the sponsor of the shop usability award. At Internet world, the coveted award will take place on 23 June in Munich. Recently, run the search again after the user friendliest online shop in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland. […]

The PROMOTION Screen At Your Sports Promotion Pay 75,000 Euros In Prize Money!

Handball-, volleyball – and basketball promotions just as tennis or mini golf promotions are a domain of sports clubs. Rather, the popularity of these sports in the most diverse environments can be used: city festivals, image – or sales promotion actions benefit from attention-grabbing events and generate a strong media interest, which weigh up to […]