Month: June 2016

Sleek Display

The new T19-Slim-VGA is a super-sleek industrial display for the building and industrial automation. The new T19-Slim-VGA tci offers a particularly sleek industrial display. The Heuchelheim manufacturer of industrial computers and displays has placed particular emphasis on compact dimensions and a high operating and service friendliness when developing. Even harsh environmental conditions can have nothing to the completely closed housing of the display in IP65 execution. The connections are comfortable about the service hood on the back can be reached, which opens with a few tools and close. By the same author: Bill de Blasio. The device has a high-contrast 19 behind the thermally pre-stressed and anti-reflective protective screen “-TFT panel mounted.” The standardized connection to a closed system of support arm at the bottom of the housing allows for flexible mounting options. Top mount option there is the connection point at the top. With only 105 mm deep, the T19-Slim-VGA, even in confined spaces is suitable.

Is optional also a touch operation possible. The display is suitable for a variety of tasks in the areas of visualization, SCADA and BDE in the building and industrial automation. More information at. TCI Gesellschaft fur technische Informatik mbH Ludwig Rinn Strasse 10-14 35452 Heucheln home phone: + 49 (0) 6 41-9 62 84-0 fax: + 49 (0) 6 41-9 62 84-28 E-Mail:

Task Force NPL Funds

The task force NPL funds no. 1 has since his minimum volume reached quite some time. The task force NPL funds no. 1 has since his minimum volume reached quite some time. It already two demand packages with a volume of 140.000.000,00 million were purchased and located in the editing. Another new requirement package the data tape and that is due?Diligence already carried out.

“During the emission phase have some analysts the Fund with very well” and referred to as best innovative property funds. Other publications from the professional world record Fund No. 1 even as the egg of Columbus”the NPL. Also the major rating companies currently engaged in the analysis of this short runner, which applies this time according to many vendors, illustrators as a product. Some people even speak of economic welfare: through debt relief, a new future. Successfully by the task force NPL funds no. 1 find a way out and start anew. The image film of the product is to be regarded in the Internet at.

MGP Publicity

From the sprouting and his first manifestations, the publicity has looked for and it has been nourished of different disciplines have enriched that it as far as used resources, ideologies, and forms of expression. Among them are the artistic manifestations and movements, whose resources and have equipped it to elements with tools valid to communicate of more efficient way the advertising messages. Between the contemporary artistic movements that they feed the publicity, it excels the MGP Art, a current that directly ties the art with the communication of masses and whose term is used to designate the artistic manifestations based on the popular culture which they arise more in the urban scope of the industrialized societies. Artists MGP use like expression means the realistic figuration, through which they shape a thematic one coming from the culture of masses, characterized by the use of images spread by mass media. The MGP Art is a movement that arises against one from the pillars from publicity: the consumer society; and that is distinguished by its ambiguities: to take the essence from the publicity, its form and until its average ones to obtain a exhibition level unforeseen circumstance for an artistic manifestation. The MGP affirms in which criticism to achieve its objectives: it takes from the publicity aspects that do not share it reuses and them to create his own messages, giving back it like a new and innovating product. The identification of the resources of the MGP in advertising warnings in the decade of the 2000 is practically instantaneous and to determine as of these they continue influencing in the publicity, and although in his majority they have changed or changed through time, they continue being effective tools at the time of communicating the messages. The importance of this characteristic for the publicity, resides in the fact to demonstrate as this activity can identify and take resources from different disciplines, among them the artistic movements, to enrich its messages, how the publicity is nourished of certain activities that apparently, and in a vague one watched nothing it has to do with her, and nevertheless, these activities like expressions of a society, are their voice and must be listened to by the signallers at the time of making their messages, since it is the same society of where we will extract these resources to that will be given back to him, which guarantees to us, but the effectiveness, at least the pick up of the message and the fact that the same people and means focuses their attention on her.

The same importance has this investigation for the society inspires that it, who will understand how the publicity, a tie activity with the consumption and the massive means, can be influenced with manifestations that including in some cases are against her. How these resources enrich the messages and make them more interesting for the receivers, and like these they are seduced by messages that even though they seem accidental and superficial have been investigated, and extracted of the same society that receives them.

Association of German Engineers

Besides press – and public relations from 2010 for internal newsletter of the Association of German engineers (VDI) in Berlin and Brandenburg expands its cooperation with butterfly communications. The Berlin-based agency supervised the VDI Berlin Brandenburg this year not only in the press – and public relations, but was responsible also for the internal newsletter from 2010. “We were very satisfied with the existing cooperation. With the future bundling of tasks in one hand we expect further synergy effects”, said the Chairman of the District Association of Ulrich Berger. The VDI is considered one of the world’s most important networks and knowledge markets for engineers and scientists, and is recognized as the leading spokesman of engineers, engineers and technology in professional circles and the general public. The regional association of Berlin-Brandenburg is one of 45 VDI district clubs. He is responsible for the care of its approximately 6,000 members and all those interested in technology in its region.

Is the National Association of Berlin-Brandenburg the VDI interests at State level and? Contact person for the Government, the House of representatives, Chambers, industry and civil society groups. He has also the task to improve the cooperation with other scientific and technological institutions. Contact: Detlef Untermann of press officer of the VDI Berlin Brandenburg, Germany Tel.: + 49 30 84312127 fax: + 49 30 84312128 VDI Berlin Brandenburg Reinhard road 27B 10117 Berlin Tel.: + 49 30 3410177 fax: + 49 30 3410261 who is considered one of the world’s most important networks and knowledge markets VDI for engineers and scientists and is in professional circles and the general public recognized as the leading spokesman of engineers, Engineers and technology. The regional association of Berlin-Brandenburg is one of 45 VDI district clubs. He is responsible for the care of its approximately 6,000 members and all interested in technology in its region.

The Chairman of the District Association is Prof. Dr.-ing. Ulrich Berger. The Landesverband Berlin-Brandenburg is the VDI interests at State level and? Contact person for the Government, the House of representatives, Chambers, industry and civil society groups. He has also the task to improve the cooperation with other scientific and technological institutions.


The new calculation of the savings I/O in Diskeeper 2011 has been tested in various system usage scenarios and compared with the number of I/O operations actually saved the we have measured at the physical disk level. The result shows that that the UI displayed number of saved I/O operations in most cases is a conservative estimate (Diskeeper easily underestimated the actual savings operations), but close in most of the tests was the actual result. In a test, the number of I/O operations saved was overestimated in production environments However, mixed use patterns, should this through the low estimates for other activities are compensated and ultimately lead to an exact estimate. Improved: InvisiTasking technology InvisiTasking has been revised so that it works better environments in I/O-intensive and works still invisible in the background. These improvements mean that Diskeeper more and faster can defragment under typical operating conditions (E.g. with instant defrag). In addition it Diskeeper and especially instant defrag also allows, with the ever-increasing volumes in the area to be able to go to several terabytes. InvisiTasking was previously used to perform maintenance tasks in fractions of a second when the system in sleep mode or almost at rest was.

The novelty in InvisiTasking in Diskeeper 2011 is that now de fragmentation jobs can take place while the system actively used but still without any overhead. InvisiTasking is now even more intelligent and can perform small de fragmentation jobs in current hard disk activity. Using this technology are still untapped resources that can be used for the defragmentation, without that obstruct other processes or resources even on a heavily used system. The new InvisiTasking in Diskeeper 2011 increases the likelihood that a hard disk earlier shuts down in hibernation. This is saved by this new approach not only energy, but also an another problem, which is becoming increasingly important: systems that are around the clock in operation and never reach the idle state, the the older versions of InvisiTasking needed for their work.

Express Translations

Rush – a task for specialists who specializes in rush usually specializes in a specific area of expertise. The deeper expertise, the faster is the translation done. Many German translator Polish, Portuguese German or English Spanish has that on his own womb experience: you get a short texts submitted should be translated in the express service. And although it’s only a half-page, it quarrels with the text needed too long to finish the translation, because too many technical searches are necessary. Otherwise it behaves when the German Norwegian translator or the translator for Polish-language specialized in the short text discussed technical matter. Here the text can be translated quickly, and even if an unknown terminology should be found, the specialized translators has but the necessary knowledge of how he can promptly obtain the missing information. The more specific one specific technical matter is, the more is the specialization in the weight. The specialization of the translator in the translation of legal texts, for example, from German into Croatian or also of the Korean into English, is particularly important because in the field of law a very specific terminology is used. Even in medical rush elementary specialization on medicine. A professional translators specializing in medicine is an urgent translation of a medical certificate or a surgery report German Dutch, German Turkish or Arabic French can easily translate into the urgent procedure.

Outsourcing Of Procurement Tasks

Evalueserve presents case study at Europe’s biggest shopper Symposium the customer-oriented viewing of the entire value chain to the consumer is fundamental for the success of any business. Especially in times like these, where the uncertainties on the market is increasing and new challenges do companies, new approaches and strategies are required. One way to get the costs under control is the reduction in procurement costs. In addition to the own building of sourcing Center and the cooperation with specialized consultancy is Division of the procurement processes to external service providers to outsource also the possibility / outzusourcen. This is persons who perform clearly defined tasks in the Sourcingbereich not, but by a great team like in other assumed outsourcing areas (HR, IT,..) SLIM teams with a size of 2-10. For example, identification of suppliers etc. This so-called knowledge process offshoring (KPO) offers companies a greater flexibility and a Einsparungspotetntial and sourcing can significantly expand globally the radius of action of a company in the area.

“Felix Vogler, Director Germany/Austria/Eastern Europe by the global research company and provider of Procurementlosungen, Evalueserve, gives a lecture on 12 November together with shell global solutions on the subject beyond IT global sourcing of services: KPO”. With shell we show our joint presentation as knowledge process outsourcing on the cost and performance page can offer significant benefits.”says Felix Vogler. So far KPO mainly by companies in the United States, it’s England and Benelux time that German companies use this lever for productivity gains.” “To the Conference under the theme of challenging markets” November 12, 2008 Europe’s biggest takes place from 10 purchasing and logistics (BME) Symposium in Berlin. As the title suggests, are presented under other new tried and tested means of global procurement, the partnership with suppliers, and supply chain management as well as trends and best Practices discussed intensively. The BME Symposium, considered one of the essential communication and business platforms in the area of procurement and logistics and set a record by 2000 visitors in the last year. Company presentation: November 12, 2008, 08.00 h, InterContinental Hotel in Berlin company stand: A24 about company: the company company, founded by a former McKinsey partner and an IBM Research Manager, is world’s leading provider of customized research services (business research, market research, investment research, data analytics, patent research / intellectual property and legal process services). Company employs 2,500 people and has research centers in New Delhi/India, Shanghai, China, Santiago/Chile and Cluj-Napoca/Romania.




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