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Clearing House

The latter circumstance through evolution led to the development of standard exchange contracts with delivery goods on time and their treatment as independent objects of exchange trade. The main reason and the need for the development of futures trading is that the latter provides the lifting of those restrictions that have trade directly exchange goods. […]

Swedish Languages

Along with the formation of the Scandinavian languages group, no longer existed and preexisting dialects. Sharp linguistic boundaries between adjacent dialects, too, did not appear. Throughout the Middle Ages all the Scandinavian languages are similar, including written and literature of their shape. In feudal times there is also no more need for the complete separation […]

Montgo Natural Park

Denia is a beautiful and friendly town situated on the Mediterranean coast between the cities of Alicante and Valencia. Among the many privileges of this land is to underscore its 322 days of sunshine per year and an average temperature of 18 C or 65 F. This city has a resident population of approximately 33,000 […]

Unusual Techniques

Photo gallery of unusual cars evakuatorov.Nachnem review unusual Tow and other equipment for the evacuation of a car with an army BAT M.Puteprokladchik BAT-M – Army vehicle designed for mechanization of engineering works when laying trail roads, preparation of roads, land clearing. Weight – 27.5 tons Speed – up to 35 km / h. Crew […]

Nikitin Estate

In the end, in 1904 Gurzuf was in court conceded shareholder by its main creditors – the heirs of KI Volkova, who set out to restore the former glory of the resort. The new administration has established a broad advertising, producing large print runs brochures Gurzuf illustrated species resort. This activity, however, also brought no […]