Month: January 2016

Leju Sina

As it increases to the number of internauts and the rate of spreading of the network, the Chinese companies related to Internet behave more actively in the global market and the operations of more frequent capital are every day. The 2 of April of 2009, Changyou, company of games that it belongs to Sohu, entered the Nasdaq of stock-market of New York. Thus, Sohu became the first Chinese company related to Internet that counts on two companies in stock market. The actions of Changyou were acquired by a value 19 times superior to the original price and had an initial quote of 22.06 dollars, with an ascent of 37.9%. The 26 of September of 2009, Shanda Games landed in the Nasdaq, which means a good beginning so that Shanda becomes a company with quote.

Leju Sina is the third case of value of the Initial Public Supply abroad. The 16 of October, the Corporation of Information of Real estate of China (JACK, abbreviations in English), a mixed company of capital of Leju Sina and Ehouse China, began to quote in the Nasdaq with a price of exit of 12.28 dollars, more of the predicted thing. The analysts think that the successful quote in JACK stock market supposes the acceleration of the internetizacin of the real estate industry and the approval on the part of the foreign market of the Chinese suppliers of services for Internet. Speaking of the export of the force of Internet in China in 2009, the beginning of the use of the dominion of .? in Chinese characters, instead of .cn, is a symbolic event. The 16 of November of 2009, China officially presented/displayed the request of the dominion .? to the Commission of Internet for the Allocation of Names and Numbers (ICANN, abbreviations in English), that approved the use of such form in the network. It is anticipated that at the beginning of 2010, the Chinese internauts worldwide will be able to key the Chinese characters in the dominions and directions of the pages Web. From that moment, the Chinese companies will count on their own dominions in Chinese and they will not need to transcribe them to the Latin alphabet. Xiong Xiaoge, one of the founders of Capital IDG, indicates that paralelamente to the growth of the number of the Chinese cybernauts, that will be able to surpass 300 million, a greater space for the development of Internet in China will be offered.

International Monetary Fund

And now, Wall s$street will receive much public money to buy assets poisoned by the mortgages sweepings, that thunder against bank statement and they paralyze the American real economy, and thus to remove them from the balance of financial organizations: 700.000 million dollars; the GIP of Sweden is 500,000 million. The cost of this crisis for the Americans will surpass the trillion of dollars. In April, the International Monetary Fund calculated losses of 945,000 million dollars, equivalent to the gross inner product of Mexico. Now it rectifies: 1.3 trillions of dollars will be elevating the American national debt to 11.3 trillions of dollars to leave to the rescue. The American congressmen have understood the plan of rescue of the financial system: Them DAS good money and in return gives worse you. The ex- president of the Spanish government, Felipe Gonzlez, has recognized who is not certain what we thought that the market regulates the economy.

And the Members of the European Parliament of the European Parliament diagnose that the market has failed, because has been monitoring nor no transparency. Members of the European Parliament of all the colors declare that the times of the absolute deregulation have happened. markets are not autorregulan (). We need to regulate the markets. We must establish rules and we needed a referee ().

In the markets there are thieves and for that reason police is needed. British prime minister, Gordon Brown, the head of the Spanish government, Rodriguez Zapatero, and Brazilian president Lula da Silva, reunited in New York, asks to create an international organism that supervises and controls the financial system. Welcomes to the reason and the lucidity. Now it has to impose financial transparency and to regulate the financial world and to put under it the control of the democracy. He is indecent to profess faith in the market with fat cows and to beg the governmental intervention (so antineoliberal) with skinny cows so that the public money pays the debts. A farmer illustrates in a cartoon of a Spanish humorist: If nothing we won when they covered themselves, because there are to lose when they stick it.

New York Cornell Medical Center

Relax. Stress – the first cause of fat accumulation in the abdomen. Stress increases cortisol, a hormone that promotes the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, said Jacob Seidel (Ph.D. National Institute of Health in Bilthoven, the Netherlands). For stress relief is perfect following exercise. Sit down in a quiet and convenient location.

We collect a deep breath and slowly exhale. It clarifies the mind. Continuing to breathe deeply, focus on pronunciation of the word "one" on each exhalation. (If you were distracted, that's okay. Again, focus on the word "one.") Make exercise for 5-10 minutes once or twice a day. Forget about alcohol. A glass of wine at dinner – and you're not intermeddle in jeans. Alcohol increases cortisol levels, putting fat on your stomach, says Dr.

Seidel. Stop smoking. "Smoking helps me to be slim" – says most smokers. But the fact is that smokers belly fat is concentrated more than non-smokers, according to Dr. Seidel. Eat plenty of fiber foods. This has a positive effect on weight loss (Fiber fills the stomach and therefore do not feel hungry) and it does not cause constipation, which can cause bloating, says Lawrence J. Cheskin, MD, a gastroenterologist and director of the Johns Hopkins weight management in Baltimore. Every day is enough to eat from 25 to 38 grams of fiber in the form of food grains, fruits and vegetables or supplements. Drink plenty of water. In the premenstrual period, or drink a lot of water. This will help to remove swelling, without harming the general condition of the body. Do not forget about the bones. Osteoporosis – a disease that affects the bones. Weak bones of the spine can not hold the weight of the body, and this may eventually lead to the stoop. "Stooping, there is no place for abdominal and stomach starts to bulge so" – said Vilibald Nagler, MD, a retired physical therapist at New York Cornell Medical Center.

Smart Homes

Development, installation and maintenance of the "smart home". The system of "smart home" is assembled from components, which include the casing (manufactured by extrusion), chipset (supplies from China, upon request) and software for the system "smart home" and design your site for remote access to system management. 1.Intellektualnye company's resources consist of know-how, technical documentation, information on partners, information about manufacturers and component suppliers, customer databases, software, home automation system, design layouts and site templates. Especially valuable is the know-how, the way manufacturing system, which gives an advantage over competitors' products and customer database. Customers who purchased the system "smart house" in need of further care system and the system produced by the block method, and further expansion of the system with additional units brings new orders. Expanding client base, by providing better services to increase the number of primary and secondary sales, and lowering prices of finished product due to use know-how makes the product competitive in the market. 2.When the analysis of the creation and implementation of new systems for further development of the company Use search engines information centers, an analysis of articles and scientific publications, access to innovative agents.

3.Sistema "smart home" is protected as know-how, further addresses the issue of patenting Multi-channel intelligent voltage regulator, which is the core of the "smart house", and to the improvement of which much attention is paid 4.Personal participating in the profits of the organization, working in atmosphere of partnership and in a friendly competition that allows knowledge workers to create and implement new ideas. A system of continuous training of personnel and transfer of experience among staff. Amount of remuneration of employees depends on the extent of their participation in the development of new products. Employees are motivated not only financially, but also work in the organization forms of staff enhance their intellectual resources. 5. sign an agreement not to disclose trade secrets and confidential information. The internal network organization is multi-tier system of access to information stored on the server organization is not accessible from the Internet.

Only those employees who work on the project, have access to information to this project. The drawings are stored in a safe technologies at a constant video surveillance. Access to databases of customers, suppliers and manufacturers, there is only a two-person organization. 6.B organization organized exchange of experience among staff, upon successful completion of the project, staff organizations are familiar with the major phases of the project in formal and informal settings. Constantly forms budget for staff training, as well as going monitoring of key areas of learning. 7. the organization managing the intellectual resources focused on the development of human, structural and customer capital. To achieve the strategic goals of the organization used the strategy interaction between all three of intellectual capital among themselves.

Promenade Yacht

"Despite the size of Pelorus, this ship is made not on the show. Its main mission – to provide ideal conditions for recreation, – Tells Disdeyl. – Of course, some decisions I was inspired by previous work on the boat, Sussurro, but first and foremost, I wanted to do something new, even more that I was given complete freedom of action. " There guests, and at such a yacht, guests can only be "very important persons, 20 cabins, a cinema, indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, jacuzzi. And for entertainment than a standard set of scooters and small boats added submarine, which, besides entertainment can serve for the hidden escape boat. Abramovich, as already mentioned, jealously guards his privacy, so the yacht is equipped with armored glass, a special lighting system makes the life of paparazzi and detection system (and most likely counter) missile attack. And a crew of 40 men included former members of British special forces sas.

The opportunity to admire for "Pelorus", which occupies 10 th place in the ranking of mega-yachts, in June 2008, was among residents and visitors of the northern capital. During this period each Economic Forum, and a boat moored on the Promenade des Anglais, served as the residence involved in the Forum oligarch. But with that role very well managed and would "Ecstasea" – the most high-speed yacht Abramovich, with a cruising speed of 25 knots with a maximum of 36 knots. It must be noted that "Sussurro" has a greater maximum speed – 46 knots, but cruising at – 20 knots. The length of the "Ecstasea", built by the Dutch "Feadship" in 2004, is almost 86 meters. Voiced by the media cost is 123 million dollars.

The power plant of the "cruiser" consists of 4 diesel engines rated at 3,111 hp and one gas turbine GE-LM 2500, capacity 30,843 hp! In autumn 2009 at the Yacht forums was voiced about the fact that in mid-2009, Abramovich sold "Ecstasea". And it's probably true, since in 2010 very high-speed yacht oligarch still would have been in the shadow of "Eclipse." 162.5-meter "Eclipse" ("Eclipse") launched on June 12, 2009, and in 2010, after the end of the process of completion and testing, will officially become number 1 in the world ranking of megayachts. Construct a boat in Hamburg, at the shipyard "Blohm & Voss". Interior design of a 9-deck yachts engaged in a favorite Abramovich Terry Disdeyl. Announced the final cost of construction is 1.2 billion dollars! Yes! 1.2 billion! With such a value is not surprising nor submarine, capable of reaching 12 people at a depth of 50 meters, or "Admiral" cabin area of 500 square meters, or laser-detection system CCD-matrix digital cameras and makes it impossible to unwanted photographing boats and its guests. Not forgotten about booking class B7, of special lighting, space missile defense system. Restaurant, disco bar, a cinema, a library – is everything! Look after all the economy will be a crew of 70 people. Well, we'll wait, who would eclipse "Eclipse." And it will happen, we do not doubt!

Predreysovy Medical Examination

Today there are a number of normative acts, in fact on which all companies are absolutely, completely regardless of their ownership and activity, including individual entrepreneurs, who operate motor vehicles, should organize predreysovy examination of drivers. In general, such special demand is naturally considered to be justified, because in any case help to reduce accidents on road. Actually in this case as an organization, as an individual entrepreneur and to some extent able to protect himself not only from any very clear of trouble, but also the costs of supplies, itself are likely to be paid in damages suffered in the accident side. Most likely, as evidenced by the life, make this a necessary requirement there is an opportunity not every company or entrepreneur. This is caused, initially with the fact that there is a real possibility, often financial, to keep its own competent physician, who could, and most importantly have the right to conduct this medical examination of drivers. Quite often this is due to the small number of vehicles and drivers in the course of any company or firm or company. In general, such The situation does not exempt organization or private entrepreneurs from the mandatory medical examination of drivers.

Given all the previously described, we have to conclude that firms and entrepreneurs need to find real opportunity to make an informed demand of today's legislation regarding predreysovogo medical examination. In this case, the enterprises and private entrepreneurs the capital of Russia and Moscow region has a great opportunity, how to implement this legal requirement. Thus, in the event that should be holding medical examinations, with their doctor or nurse does not need only apply to the relevant company and this dilemma will be fully resolved. Definitely in a professional company has the right personnel qualified doctors who can and has the appropriate permission to compulsory medical examination predreysovy drivers, regardless of the actual because some of their number and where the self is a company or firm. Strictly for details on providing this popular service, is sufficient to enter the portal company specialized in networks. In this case, the option, if any, which ever is always possible to take advantage of the contact phone and speak with a representative of the organization concerned. Given the fact that the company and its official web site operate 24 hours a day, contact the company is available at any convenient period of time. Also, always be possible to send the proper demanded for the service to conduct the required medical examination predreysovogo driver, properly speaking, in this case we can hope for a quick answer directly which will indicate the value of this service.




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