Monthly Archives: January 2016

Leju Sina

As it increases to the number of internauts and the rate of spreading of the network, the Chinese companies related to Internet behave more actively in the global market and the operations of more frequent capital are every day. The 2 of April of 2009, Changyou, company of games that it belongs to Sohu, entered […]

International Monetary Fund

And now, Wall s$street will receive much public money to buy assets poisoned by the mortgages sweepings, that thunder against bank statement and they paralyze the American real economy, and thus to remove them from the balance of financial organizations: 700.000 million dollars; the GIP of Sweden is 500,000 million. The cost of this crisis […]

New York Cornell Medical Center

Relax. Stress – the first cause of fat accumulation in the abdomen. Stress increases cortisol, a hormone that promotes the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, said Jacob Seidel (Ph.D. National Institute of Health in Bilthoven, the Netherlands). For stress relief is perfect following exercise. Sit down in a quiet and convenient location. We collect […]

Smart Homes

Development, installation and maintenance of the "smart home". The system of "smart home" is assembled from components, which include the casing (manufactured by extrusion), chipset (supplies from China, upon request) and software for the system "smart home" and design your site for remote access to system management. 1.Intellektualnye company's resources consist of know-how, technical documentation, […]

Promenade Yacht

"Despite the size of Pelorus, this ship is made not on the show. Its main mission – to provide ideal conditions for recreation, – Tells Disdeyl. – Of course, some decisions I was inspired by previous work on the boat, Sussurro, but first and foremost, I wanted to do something new, even more that I […]

Predreysovy Medical Examination

Today there are a number of normative acts, in fact on which all companies are absolutely, completely regardless of their ownership and activity, including individual entrepreneurs, who operate motor vehicles, should organize predreysovy examination of drivers. In general, such special demand is naturally considered to be justified, because in any case help to reduce accidents […]