Month: September 2015


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All destinations for a short time free to download! Vienna, New York, 23.02.2011. With the new iPhone app of the online travel guide tripwolf, travelers have everything you need on the road: good travel information with photos and current reviews, road maps for orientation in the foreign city and thanks to augmented reality X-ray views using the camera of the iPhone to show important points in the vicinity. The mobile travel guide with integrated maps to work abroad without an Internet connection and avoids expensive roaming charges. Starting today all destinations within the tripwolf iPhone app for a short time are available for free download. Alexander drive, COO of tripwolf, about the new cards integrated into the travel app: who will download all information in the tripwolf app prior to departure, can use all the functions on site offline and is not by high data charges on your phone bill surprised later.

Also the display of the current location on a street map is handy while traveling so she will Orientation in a foreign city a breeze!” “” The content of the tripwolf app come from the tripwolf community as well as by prestigious travel guides such as Marco Polo”footprint”. Using the app user on the ground can give reviews to restaurants, hotels and attractions. The app stores all tips and photos of the users – and uploads them only when an Internet connection is regained. Download link: more information about the iPhone app: page/iphone images: de / press about tripwolf: tripwolf ( de) your travel guide in the Internet and mobile on the iPhone is available. tripwolf combines classic travel information from known guidebooks, like Marco Polo and footprint, with up-to-date and high-quality travel tips from thousands of travellers from all over the world. Users can stream content to 50,000 destinations and 500,000 tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels and much more.

put together individually to travel guides and download as PDF or as an iPhone application. With over 250,000 The tripwolf iPhone app downloads is one of the most successful travel applications on the market. tripwolf Italian and French is available in German, English, Spanish.

Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko

What could be more popular than photos of politicians? A particularly fotozhab or simply failed images. Photos of naked Yulia Tymoshenko seeking on the Internet at least, if not more, than the bare stars of show business. Photos of politicians povsyudu.Naprimer in Amsterdam Amsterdam Partners advertising agency decided to use images of world politics. The campaign posters and postcards – Hillary Clinton in an orange wig, asking 'Up for a party?' ('Are you ready for the holiday? "), Nicolas Sarkozy, in an embrace with Silvio Berlusconi in orange boas, crying 'Let's go party!' ('Go on holiday! "). Was supposed to appear, another poster, depicting Barack Obama and Putin T-shirts with the words 'Kiss me, I'm drunk' ('Kiss me, I'm drunk'), but it was removed, although formal complaints have been reported.

None of the Ukrainian politicians not officially declared his love, or on the contrary, of aversion to photography, but there are no restrictions on it, such as the parliament does not. From the press box as a palm entire session hall with sleep, reading, abstract, or simply staring movie bored servants of the people. Politicians are not shy of his photos in the press – we have democracy, so to play games on your mobile phone not prohibited. There are no violations. Photos of politicians flaunt along all roads in all the streets of the country – this is not an election, it's almost a public service ads, useful to society. The main figures of the country on the covers of glossy magazines and daily newspapers simply.

Photos from the political implication one way or another get a lot of times a day in our field of vision. Is there some other popular names of national brands, except for those who will soon go to the polls? Photo Tymoshenko Pugacheva spared all the media in Moscow, a highlight of the anniversary concert of Alla Pugacheva, judging by the reaction of the media, was a duet with the diva Sophia Rotaru. Ladies performed the song "Not gonna get us" group "Tattoo." In Ukraine, an outstanding concert and legendary Russian singer, who was held in Kiev on 22 April in the framework of a farewell tour, and was timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of Alla, had a political flavor, and marked there the appearance of Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. And not just the appearance, with officials boring! In the photo just shows that the Ukrainian prime minister allowed himself to relax. Photo Tymoshenko on stage arm in arm with Pugacheva appeared in all media. Beside them stood out Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Viktor Chernomyrdin. Audio and video of how the Ukrainian prime minister demonstrates vocal, singing Happy Birthday view and Listened to the Internet many times. In the picture: Yulia Tymoshenko and Alla Pugacheva

Brazil: Economics And Politics

We search in the last years the answers, that we did not get in relation to the mistakes of the economic life and politics of Brazil. It was boasted that our growth would be greater that the tried one in previous years. It did not occur. It grew less. The index of life improvement would be more expressive than in previous years. It did not happen. the job? It continues in the same one.

What it supported the economy Brazilian had been the exportations, although the Real to be super valued. But the world has hunger. It needs to eat. we produce meat of chickens, oxen, swines. We produce grains of soy, maize, wheat, sorgo. the countries matter to cure the hunger of its citizens and citizens. The industry grew? One only was in expectations.

But never one vendeu as many vehicles as now! With the easinesses ilusionists who lead to believe that to finance a vehicle in 60 or 72 months it is an excellent business, until rock soup it is an excellent product to be configured as such. Brazil grew in which sensible? Social? Ambient? Moral? Educational? Politician? Financier? Legal? In fact he grew. But in the corruption levels. Of shunting line of public mounts of money. Of superinvoicing of workmanships. Of collections of taxes for the creation of difficulties and sales of easinesses. Of not the involved conviction and arrest of and the dismissed ones of the ministries. Of not the loss of the civil laws. He grew yes. In the administrative immorality of the state ones. He grew in the form to undeserve who denounces with concrete and real tests, that the judiciary one has that to be placed in the gallows of its proper justice, therefore it serves the two gentlemen at the same time. To the time that condemns that one that steals a margarina pot, acquits that one that paid it for a favorable sentence.




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