Month: June 2015

Braden Time

(Continuation of the interview with Gregg Braden, the best-selling author of the Fractal time according to the New York Times by Laurie Nadel, Ph.d. / host of the Show of the Laurie Dr. (The Dr.) Laurie ShowPregunta: message to participate.?Gregg Braden: Is good that we us to prepare and help other people who are experiencing problems and feeling the shock of these changes. But here’s the crux: geological records show that changes are intense, quite intense, but that are of short duration. They do not last generation after generation and so on. Archaeological records show that when the past civilizations reach a point in their cycles where we are right now, they committed an error that we don’t want to repeat today.Question: what was that error?Gregg Braden: When the world began to change, the civilizations of the past could not understand the change. They began to fight with each other for resources. In this violent competition by what was left when the world was changing, all they lost.

Nobody won. Civilizations collapsed. For example the 20th. Dynasty of Egypt absolutely collapsed during precisely this period of time and nobody knew about them until thousands of years later.We are at a point right now where we must choose to work together for this short period of time to save us in this time of change. If we make the mistakes of the past will all lose.

This is the reason why this book is so important right now.Question: Many people of good heart feels unprotected when he began to hear stories about ancient civilizations that collapse. They think about the tsunami and Katrina, and it is very difficult for people not to feel apabullada by the powerful planetary movements and the fractal time. Because what people can have hope?Gregg Braden: On my website, you will find a link to the Global coherence initiative.

Geoffrey Newsom

Growing trend can not stop even doctors who claim that the use of a luminous garment, in which there are radioactive elements, harmful to health. Basically this refers to the bandage on his head and various headgear. Using them for 10 years or more, especially at an early age increases the chance cancer, including brain cancer, many times. However, this is not the most interesting. This year, most likely the first time, a variety of styles and dresses became displaced in the direction of the "underwear" art. Jewelry, especially silver jewelry, body piercing various specially made tattoos and permanent makeup have become a specific feature of the "American national holiday really." If we talk about jewelry jewelry and jewelry for body piercing, they differ from "bogopristoynyh" mainly for its size and visibility. Few will disagree that it was unnatural to see a finger in the nose or the "real witches" exquisite diamond product. In contrast, a large silver ring on his finger with a stone or a significant wood insert, sticking out of the ear lobe, that is exactly what will suit best.

According to many participants of the "celebration impure forces "of the cost of jewelry, and special cosmetics accounted for half of all spending for the holiday. However, unlike the "one-off clothes", silver jewelry, body piercing, tattoos are still living with their owners and after the holiday. Hard to say what comes first: holiday itself or the change in the fashion, but what was once considered acceptable for these extremely rare cases, has increasingly become a daily commonplace. If we look at secured a resident of New York or Vienna, her jewelry is more suitable for such celebrations, than for evening dances. And the wearing of body piercing (especially piercing for the nose or ears) and to an extent a few years ago it was impossible to do.

A few words about the "diabolical" permanent make-up. Yes, of course, it is more vivid and provocative, but many holders use it for its intended purpose: to attract men's attention, and competitors. And for the recognition of most experts in this field, it is incomparably more successfully solves its main function. "It is impossible to assert that" the devil "jewelry, permanent makeup, piercings seem something extraordinary in our society – says cultural historian Geofrey Newsom (Geoffrey Newsom). – All of this has been a constant one way or another. The fact that now these types of jewelry have become increasingly high popularity is only an indication that people are trying to make a little peppercorns in their lean everyday. "




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