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Superior Ensino

Peter II in 19 of April of 1879, that it allowed the ingression of the women in Superior Ensino in Brazil. Before, the first Brazilian formed in Superior Ensino was August Maria Generous Star, considered pioneering and responsible for the opening of the facultieses to the women. August Maria if formed doctor in 1876 in New York, thanks to the stock market granted for D. Peter II for its well-known academic performance, however, it never could inside exert the medicine of the country without the law of 19/04/1879. The feminine fight for the right to frequent Ensino Superior is only plus one of many fights that had had that to be stopped in search of the sort equality, many women currently see in Superior Ensino the chance to change its social condition, not only in the financial aspect, but in the construction of its identity and its space, As confirms Guimares (2003, p.7): (…) in the Brazilian society contemporary, the women are each time more searching in the conclusion of Superior Ensino the chance to change its projects of life, family and marriage. They want freedom of thought and action. They desire to be perceived as individuals capable to make choices and to take decisions.

Many studies disclose that currently the women surpass the men in number inside Superior Education, the census of the Superior Education of 2006-2008 (INEP) disclose that he had about 12% more women who men in Superior Ensino, this study were carried through with the objective of ' ' to trace a x-ray of Superior Ensino in the Brasil' '. Today the women represent 60% of the total of colleges student in Brazil, being that in 2007 they represented 57.1% and 10 years before in 1997 were 53.6%. However, if the feminine population in Superior Ensino grows statistical to each divulged research, obviously decreases the masculine presence.

ASUS Recovery System

'Hilenky' Celeron 630 MHz frequency, funny today the RAM to 512 MB (64 of which go back to the needs of the graphic chip), and poor 4GB ROM are fairly bleak picture. And here also can download Online Windows XP, in conjunction with additional software packages give the user only 250 MB of free space. Only one way out – by removing all to hell! More creative way to solve the problem shortage of places can be so precious, creating an assembly of the operating system from scratch. Let's help our tiny friend! The attached to the laptop CD-ROM ASUS Recovery System folder is a file RECOVERY EeePC. In conjunction with the Norton Ghost utility for a few moments there is a restoration of the system. Through it you can reinstall XP. But to make a distribution to go to the directory i396XP, where a spy named Eee PC Multilanguage package and presented to the distribution Windows XP HOME SP2.

Copy the folder entirely on the hard drive. With the same discs can be copied to the laptop ASUS drivers in the correct directory. A great 'builder' Windows XP to this day is a free software nLite. But in order for the program identified the newly created folder i386XP, there must also copy the files WIN51 (need to install SP3) and WIN51IC. You can find them in any distro fifth 'windows' or in the vast all-knowing Google. In the same directory as portable BOOTFONT.BIN, if you do not want to install the system to see instead of Russian symbolism incomprehensible hieroglyphics.


What I actually received it? In an e-mail files were Word, rather curtailed (as in many Chinese firms) specification and photos. All the photographs were products of that ‘I have somewhere seen. ” However, it is not surprising – the Chinese often copy each other’s products. Surprisingly it was something else: factory (even with the percentage consulting firms), product prices, as a rule, did not differ from my search results on the Internet, and in some cases exceeded it. Of course, the first request for money from the Chinese are always inflated, but even the next negotiations (they held consulting company) have not led to significant results. Accordingly, after several attempts (by different product categories) will cease cooperation, because our future Collaboration was a waste of time and for me, and for a consulting company.

However, the main conclusions were very helpful. Benefits of working with consulting companies: They are in China, and can find those who are not in After the online pretreatment work fairly quickly, the money for the search does not take (at least in my case) Cons: Requires pre-training: to explain the characteristics of a product manager He will explain to the Chinese. Any link in the chain can understand you correctly the real price for the products you hardly know – the consulting company will take a percentage of the value of the order is not always possible to talk to themselves Chinese, see their website and make sure they are real producers most important thing: the price you’re unlikely to win another important point. Yes, consulting companies will find those who are not online, but whether you need such producers? Much more interesting to work with serious companies who are focused on the world market. Especially, with the help of the site can understand much about the Chinese firm. In different industries and working with different consulting companies, details may differ, but the basic principles I have outlined.

In which case, contact the consulting company? Much more interesting to cooperate with them if the range of services includes inspection of goods in China during the loading and, possibly, the delivery and paperwork at customs. In any case, search for the manufacturer and the initial request for prices to start your own.


After all, the old computers new "advanced" programs do not "go." As a result, have to look old version. Accordingly, applicants for the post of accountant's small businesses can be very useful knowledge even older versions of programs such as 1C, BEST, Info-accountant, accountant Turbo, Sail, the Galaxy. But since Reporting in the right format, they no longer form, you should also know Word and Excel. After all, they made most of the declarations. Now the most important thing is the price of the product owner a series of programs accounting "BuhSoft" 1C: Complex supply company, which consists of all configurations: Accounting, Commerce & Store, Salary + frames, it is worth $ 480 and multiply by the dollar. In the program there is no limit on the number of employees, operations, but we must not forget the service of this program must pay a specialist job that requires no small expenditure.

The cost of information and technology management will be a lot or a little but still on 25 to 45 dollars a month. Pricing policy holder "BuhSoft" has created a gradation of prices for the program, depending on various factors of this number of employees, level of activity. Respectively pricing programs for a small company with little turnover and very large staff will be 250-260 dollars for the first year and 125-135 dollars to upgrade the following year. Work on the network "1C", and "BuhSoft" 1C is available in both local and network options. The cost of the network version of the 1500 dollars, and maintenance costs of these versions are much more expensive than a second. In our programs BuhSoft you can easily network problem work with than the online version of the program is to imagine, as many and local. View and manage accounts you can at least in America.

Cool. Service and maintenance of users and BuhSoft 1C 1C. Customer support is carried out by firms, franchise and only the hot line. Due to the huge number of companies, large companies and the diversification of products to customer feedback is not enough speed, and it pushes and sometimes spends the nerves. You can also apply to 1C forum, but there can be answered only by users, not developers, and again, where the logic of the developer. BuhSoft. All your problems solves directly the holder (the developer), to effectively address the issues users give you the opportunity to ask questions, and email, as well as by telephone. The service is provided free.


I'm trying to present only the general principles that apply to the layout of the site structure, the final decision is always the same for the web-master. In the final After all, no matter what design you have laid the foundation of his future project, the result of your work will still be correct: there is no Internet censorship, or any regulations for the site designer, chasing a certain strict limits. An example of design solutions that are not covered in any of the above categories, is the so-called mixed layout As you can see, this example of the controls built directly to the page's title – it is a button to switch between English and Russian versions of the site, as well as navigation buttons: it may be a link to e-mail the creators of the resource duplicated at the bottom of the document and a link to one of the thematic sections, such as news pages. The main block navigation elements positioned relative to the left border of the document, but the menu selection Cyrillic encoding is located directly under the banner ad at the top of the page. The text box is divided into two single-ended speakers, with the right components are located a short announcement resource subject headings, including references to those sections. It is clear that variants of a mixed layout web-page can be a great many: specific solutions depend on the number of components of the resource sections of prepared for posting on the text and, finally, on the imagination of the designer. What matters is that the appearance of the site did not cause complaints from visitors.

In the end, only you as a developer, you and nobody else is entitled to to show all their abilities and talents and build the page on your own taste. The creators of some home pages, not tormented by doubts, placed hit counter in the upper right corner of the document, the name of the site write small slim type and publish it under the banners, and navigation controls for some reason, suddenly found right in the middle of the text block, between a story about yourself and photos of the author's favorite dog project. The taste and color, as they say, no friends. But personally I think the disease is incurable.


What are the chances you have and what also must look for a recruitment is a private and commercial establishment. They conveyed personnel to an employer and is paid for through a fee. The recruitment of temporary work is basically to delineate. While the work employs the workers themselves, recruitment is looking for the workers. Here, the contract is not concluded between the Agency and the employee. Recruitment initially acquired the vacancies. This can be done in various ways. The negotiations will typically have good contacts with the employers so ask many companies directly in the negotiations.

The knowledge collected in the vacancies, a worker has to deliver. The recruitment equal to then the existing workers in their filing with this profile. No suitable people in the file are available, the people recruitment even after appropriate searches. This usually headhunter on the search used, specialized personnel. The infragekommenden people are then analyzed. This often creates a profile that contains the relevant data.

After the profiling, a personal conversation between the employee and employer is finally agreed. There are already appropriate persons in the file, then this person is suggested as first. The recruitment is usually used if you have the necessary qualifications for a particular position only rarely. In this case the necessary staff exists only on the labour market. One reason for the lack of qualified personnel can be, for example, an unfavourable location of the company. Very many watchmaking are to be found in other locations not in certain areas. The personnel knows these circumstances and can therefore very efficiently search for staff that brings the required qualifications. The recruitment is legally a brokerage firm. Therefore it is the closed mediation contracts Brokerage contracts. The brokers right, which is enshrined in the civil code is applicable in this context. This rule, he is obliged to the neutrality between the two parties.

Ad-hoc Tasks In The Social Intranet

Modern tasks for companies the flying dog enterprise social network has been expanded to a modern task management. The special feature of this project management solution is the simplicity, the user to this function. In social networks tasks result in practice often on-the-fly content and discussions about this content. Now so easily created and assigned to a new task as it emits a new comment on a social network. Examples: A user uploads a document and creates a task, so that his colleague should finish this it creates a date for an event and a person gets discussed directly in this posting that task to prepare the event In the field of marketing to be new measures and directly on the spot are the tasks which arise from the course of the discussion, in addition to get listed as a list view all tasks of a group added. A further overview provides a Gantt chart, which every user the time Represents the sequence and duration of his current tasks graphically on a timeline. With the notification functions, the involved users be informed in real time. More information: SocialNetwork YouTube video:




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