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Italian Alberto Moravia

It was nominated for the Prince of Asturias in 2009. She is the author of a trilogy about a family before and after the second world war. His work was adapted for the theatre with great success in New York. agota Kristof, Hungarian writer in the French language, has died Wednesday in Switzerland. Author of […]

Five Keys To Take Advantage Of Its Trip To New York To The Maximum

Recognized like a one of more popular the continental tourist destinies of the United States and referring one in vacations, New York is for some the most important city of the world. The city of the Empire State Building welcomes some of the variable cultural agendas more than they can be, like the Museum of […]

Original Company

Employee loyalty and customer value all employees contact with a client becomes a moment of truth, which improves or degrades the relationship with the client. Surveys have shown a direct correlation between the loyalty of employees with the company, and customer loyalty. These are some key points: only 24 percent of employees are truly loyal, […]

Spanish Guardia

It resists fire and amid attempts by Indians to achieve its mission, emerges from the smoke and flames the figure of the Virgen del Rosario, who with his cloak saves the flaming arrows of avoiding the destruction of the aggressors temple. The natives fled in terror seeking refuge until reaching Sicarare Lake, whose waters poisoned […]

IBM Virtualization

IBM provides new software for managing data centers from Armonk – New York, Vienna, October 20, 2009: IBM introduces a new, ground-breaking software for managing data centers. The new technology will help operating costs significantly and reduce to reduce the transition to new applications from weeks to minutes. The new IBM VMControl system makes in […]