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2. Agenda in hand. The ability of answer, that is to say the speed whereupon you take care of the requirements of your client, is what the difference in a work of freelance marks and one of the great values to take care of to receive other projects. This means that you must know very […]

MEC Company

One expects that this article have reached the objective to excite reflections to about the virtual reading and awaking the interest of the readers of both the reading modalities to reflect on the formation demanded for this modality, practical involved, as well as its insertion in the current globalizado context. According to Berger (2007, P. […]

Fresh Wind On Frankfurt’s Tarmac

Singapore Airlines A380 regulars at the Airport Frankfurt so far is only the Lufthansa an aircraft of the type Airbus A380 at Frankfurt am Main airport, but from early 2012 will offer the route Singapore Frankfurt New York Singapore Airlines with large aircraft. The flight Portal reported the plans of the airline. Frankfurt airport […]

Carnival Washes Plates

One is about the Carnival Washes Plates, that the traditional carnival always happens in the week end after and is considered as the first Carnival is of time of the country, beyond In accordance with locking up officially the momesca season in the State ribamarenses historians, Lava Plates, had its origin in the year of […]

Brazilian Civilization

Such act still echoes in analyses made for writers contemporaries. E, what everything indicates, will still echo for much time. For in such a way, we conclude that the barriers imposed for its afrodescendncia are the only not divergent point between the authors. They are contrary in compliments and opinions on its workmanship and capacity, […]