Month: April 2014

New York

One aspect that is important for purposes of economic policy is the period of the loan term.
Short-term debt is financial institutions issued with a maturity of less investment than a year and venture capital usually function private equity firms as a sort of bill of China exchange, private investors in this case the State. Spain in the short-term debt is represented by Treasury bills. Short debt has been used to cover venture capital companies cash requirements of Shanghai the state, the so-called cash shortages that have temporarily state budgets.
Medium-term debt that meets the mission of raising funds for the financing of recurrent expenditure, Spain fulfills this role in government New York bonds.
Debt Long, has the mission to Los Angeles finance private investors long and extraordinary profitability, within the long term M&A can have Roseman a varied duration and can be of unlimited duration, leading to perpetual debt. in Spain are represented Chengdu by government bonds.




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